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In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to master profitability in your firm, including:


Key Principles

You'll learn the fundamental principles for measuring & improving profitability in a service-based business, including how to think about pricing, metrics and data systems.


Financial & Ops Metrics

You'll learn how to structure and interpret financial data & operations data, including what metrics to measure, exactly how to calculate them, and how to tie them all together.


Benchmarks & Targets

You'll learn key benchmarks for financial and operations metrics, and how to set targets for your own firm even if the benchmarks don't apply to you.


Business Modeling & Tools

You'll learn how to build a dynamic model of your firm so you're always aligned on sales, ops & finance targets. You'll even get access to business modeling tools to help you implement what you learn.


Pricing & Scoping Work

You'll learn how to price every project for profitability and identify the ideal pricing model for any engagement. You'll also get access to tools to help you price and scope projects going forward.


Tooling & Reporting Systems

You'll learn key frameworks for selecting, implementing, and tying together all your operations tools into an effective operations reporting system.


Profitability Improvement Tactics

You'll learn the most effective tactics for improving each of the critical profitability metrics taught in the course and how to think through prioritizing what to focus on for the best results.

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What Beta Testers Are Saying:

"The biggest impact I've already seen is in the confidence we have now when it comes to calculating costs, prices, and margins. I believe at the end of this year, it will be our most profitable year ever.

- Iaan van Niekerk, Owner at PlusPlusMinus

"Nobody else is talking about measuring agency profitability in the way that Parakeeto is. The course is worth ten times what they charge for it, so I would recommend it without hesitation."

- Erin Gray, CMO at FDG Web

"The course is priceless. The impact that it has had on the business is unbelievable. It really helps you see the right things and make the right business decisions."

- Ana, Founder at Creative Titan