Time Tracking for Agencies, by Agencies.

Designed to fit the way you work with clients, and automate the metrics you need.

Save Time

No more spreadsheets. Parakeeto tracks the profitability of your work so you don’t have to.

Make More Profits

Never work for free again. Parakeeto shows you exactly where you’re going over budget so you can fix things before they get out of hand.

Increase Security

Financial information floating around in spreadsheets? That’s not very secure. Parakeeto protects your data with role based access and robust encryption.

Painless Implementation.

Get up and running in minutes. Parakeeto is simple to use and require almost no training for you and your team.

Automated Profitability Tracking

Parakeeto automatically shows you how every hour your team works affects your profitability.

  • Target Rate vs Actual Rate
  • Hours Logged vs Estimate
  • Breakdown by Deliverable & Service
  • Real-Time Updates

Executive Dashboard

Your entire agency on one screen.

  • Pick any time period
  • See earned and planned revenue
  • See KPI’s on all your client work
  • Real-time updates

Flexible Reporting

Create personalized, detailed reports with everything you need to know about a client, project or team in just a few clicks.

  • Save time on billing & invoicing
  • See detailed breakdowns on clients & projects
  • Drill down into teams and services
  • Easily export reports in spreadsheet formats

“Before Parakeeto, I had no idea how profitable our client work was. Since implementing it we’ve seen a 17% increase in profits and a 58% increase in our 12 month revenue forecast.”

Cearagh Vessey – Co-Founder @ Marrow

Effortless Time Tracking

Every time entry in Parakeeto is linked to an estimate, so you’re never asking “what’s this time entry belong to?”

  • Simple, fast time entry
  • Running Timer, Start & End or Batch Time entry
  • Easily edit & update time entries
  • Pin to board for quick access

Easy, Organized Estimates

Easily create and organize estimates for your client work and measure the profitability of every deliverable.

  • Create estimates in minutes
  • Supports Hourly, Flat and Recurring fees
  • Set hourly and financial targets
  • Easily edit and update contracts

“With other time trackers, we found ourselves having to spend time manually matching time entries up to estimates to figure out how profitable we were. With Parakeeto, that’s a thing of the past.”

Jarod Ferguson – Founder @ Royal Jay

Our Roadmap...

Team Management

  • Resource Planning
  • Utilization Tracking
  • Capacity Forecasting

Operations & Workflow

  • Budget Templates
  • CSV Imports
  • Custom Alerts


  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Manage Subcontractors
  • Zapier Integration

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