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Other things you might be wondering:

What the heck is a "technology-leveraged service firm"?

Basically we’re a consulting firm.

But we’ve built some internal tech that helps us do things for small(er) agencies that would otherwise cost big agency money.

We don’t sell our software as a stand-alone product. We only sell the services it enables us to deliver.

Our software doesn’t conflict with the tools or software you might be using for things like tracking time, managing projects, invoicing, resource planning, finance, etc. Our technology is mostly focussed on pulling together, cleaning and reporting on data from these types of tools.

We actually enhance the tools you’re already using by making sure they’re being used properly and are connected to an agency reporting system that actually works.

Are you an alternative to time tracking, finance or project management tools?

We’re not, and we don’t require you to use any particular tools or software in order to work with us.

While your software vendors might tell you they can solve and automate your agency reporting, you’re probably here because you’ve learned this usually isn’t the case.

We help you make sure you have the right tools and software, and connect them to an agency reporting system and process that actually works for you.

We don’t have a vested interest in pushing clients to specific software. We make every recommendation based on how it helps you answer the specific questions your team is asking every day and how it fits into your business model and working styles.

Are you an alternative to my accounting/bookkeeping firm or fractional CFO?

Probably not, although we have CPA’s on our team – we’re not an accounting firm and don’t plan on becoming one.

There are several great firms that specialize in helping agencies. A few of them are:

  • Ramsay Innovations
  • Blumer CPAs
  • Better Way CPAs
  • Stride Services
  • Agency Accounting
  • Summit CPA

We know them well. We’ve partnered with many of them to serve our clients, as our clients still need a process or partner for managing their financial data and filing their taxes.

Our belief is that good financial data is an important, but small piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting insight into your agency’s performance.

In fact – with the right internal systems you can get better, more frequent insight without the need for special or advanced accounting data.

Some of these firms will claim that they can work with your time tracking and project management data, what they often leave out is the requirement for it to be clean and organized. If that’s not the case, there is limited value to be extracted from that data – that’s where we come in.

Their expertise lies deeply in financial data. Our expertise lies deeply in the other 80% of your operations and data system and how that is being used to drive insights that are more detailed, and often more frequent than financial insights.

Are you an alternative to project management consulting firms like ZenPilot or Ditto?

Not really.

There may be a little bit of overlap, but we know and love these folks as well and have collaborated to serve clients together.

Their expertise is in setting up one specific tool to streamline your delivery and project management function. They’re very good at it, they know Click-up and Asana extremely well.

Our expertise is in making sure the entire system for operations is intentionally designed and supporting your business model.

That means looking at things like what services you sell, how you structure your delivery team and organization, how you structure contracts, pricing models & payment terms. The models and systems you use to scope and create assumptions about client work, the way you resource plan, track time, manage projects, manage financial data and model the capacity of your team.

Many clients will work with those teams to get the most out of their PM tool before or after working with us to ensure the requirements and strategy for that implementation are clearly defined.

Can I just hire you for a couple hours to give me advice?

Unfortunately not.

However, we’re frequently speaking and running workshops and webinars – many of which are free. You should subscribe to our newsletter and socials to find out about Q/A sessions we’re involved in.

Can I work with you if I: A) Don't track time B) Use white-label partners C) Bill on value, etc.


Regardless of how you structure your pricing.

Regardless of how you structure your delivery teams (or outsource work to partners)

Regardless of whether or not you’re currently tracking your time.

Regardless of how messy or non-existent your project and financial data is

We can work with you.

That’s the problem we solve.

Our only requirement is that a net profit margin of 25% would mean $100,000 or more for you.

How long are your engagements and how much do they cost?

Our engagements are structured to get you only the help you need without locking you into an expensive or long commitment.

We can work with you for as little as $7,000 and for as much as $100,000+

Engagements can last as little as 2 weeks and can last for as long as your business exists.

The best way to figure out what this will look like for you is to apply to work with us.


What kind of data or tools do I need to have in place to work with you?

The short answer is almost none.

We have no specific tooling requirements and have worked with clients who weren’t tracking time, projects or estimating their work. They weren’t even using accounting software.

That’s exactly what we’re here to help with – no matter how badly you’re struggling with operations tools and data.

If you have specific concerns about your data and systems, let us know about it and we’ll figure out if we can make an engagement work.