Predictable Agency Profitability is Possible.

Leverage our experts and proprietary tech to track the right metrics and get your profitability flywheel spinning.

Some folks we’ve worked with…

Let’s Face It, Your Agency Runs on Guesses…

The truth is, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to running a profitable agency.

You might be struggling with…

Trying to track the right stuff
  • You’re unsure what metrics to be tracking.
  • You’re not clear on what benchmarks to aim for.
  • You’re not sure if you’re calculating metrics in the right way.
  • You’re struggling to structure data in a way that makes reporting easy.
  • You’re having trouble getting the right data together from all your different tools.
Actually using the data you're collecting
  • Your tools and data feel like a mess.
  • Your metrics aren’t reliable.
  • You need to spend time in spreadsheets cleaning up data to get your questions answered.
  • You don’t have consistent cadences for reporting.
  • You and your team aren’t sure how to interpret or act on the data you’re looking at.
Subjective and unscalable estimation processes
  • You’re using gut feel instead of historical data to scope work.
  • Senior team members are a bottleneck in the estimation process.
  • There’s no feedback loop between estimates and actuals.
  • Margins are inconsistent, you’re often rushing to meet deadlines.
  • Resource planning feels harder than it should be.
  • Projects go over budget too often and the delivery team resents bizdev.
Forecasting people and profits
  • Planning for the future feels difficult or impossible.
  • You can’t easily predict who and when you’ll need to hire.
  • You’re not sure how much cash you’ll have next month.
  • You can’t predict project or client profitability.
  • You’re always making last-minute hires after closing new work.
  • Keeping your team busy enough, or avoiding overworking them is a challenge.
Cleaning up your messy operations tooling and data
  • You’re not sure why your time-tracking and project management tools are set up the way they are.
  • Reporting takes a ton of manual work and data cleanup.
  • Your team calls the same task different things on different projects.
  • Naming conventions are inconsistent across tools.
  • It’s hard to find the information you need to answer questions.
  • Historical data isn’t consistently structured.
  • Data from one tool isn’t compatible with another
  • Time tracking data is structured differently than your project estimates.
  • All your tools and data feel disconnected.
  • Your team does a lot of manual and duplicate data entry.

🤷🏻‍♂️ You want to fix it, but you’re not sure where to start…

Here’s How We Can Help:

Step 1:

We Audit & Benchmark Your Agency

Our team of consultants and analysts will review your financial statements, estimation systems, time tracking and project management tools to benchmark your performance and show you exactly how profitable you could be.

“Parakeeto’s audit showed us significant opportunities and actionable steps for improvement. Our profitability has more than doubled since then.”

Leanne Hall – CEO @ Creative Fire


Step 2:

We Help You Design a Data-Driven Estimation Process

We work to create an estimation process designed around your service and delivery model and sets a foundation for operations. The end result is faster, more accurate estimates that can be generated by anyone, not just senior staff. 

“Parakeeto helped us speed up our project estimation process while improving accuracy by connecting estimates to real data about past projects.

Tom Collver – Co-Founder @ PB+J

Step 3:

We Install Accurate Reporting Systems

We then help you create a clear and accurate KPI reporting system. Using our proprietary platform, we help you pull together and clean data from your time tracking & other operations tools to generate amazing reports.

“I look at our Parakeeto reports every day to help us make better decisions. Our business has doubled and profits have tripled since we started working with them.”

Josh Lowman – Founder @ Gold Front


Step 4:

We Coach You to Profitability & Scale

Once you’re getting consistent and accurate reports, we’ll coach you and your team on how to interpret and act on those insights to improve profitability. 

“Parakeeto’s advice helped us make important changes to the way we run our agency. When it comes to operations & profitability, they’re true experts.

Jason Doiron – Partner @ O Strategies

Want to Learn More?

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