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How to Increase Tax Efficiency in your Agency, with Craig Cody — Ep. 135




Last updated Feb 22, 2024


How to Increase Tax Efficiency in your Agency, with Craig Cody — Ep. 135

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About this Episode

In this latest episode of the Agency Profit Podcast, tax strategy expert Craig Cody sheds light on the critical importance of proactive tax planning for marketing agencies.

Craig underscores the value of year-round strategic thinking, emphasizing the potential benefits of minimizing tax liabilities through proper documentation and aligning business expenses with tax-efficient strategies. From retirement planning to entity type selection and qualified business income deductions, Craig explores various tax-saving avenues tailored for agency owners. He delves into unconventional strategies like leveraging home office deductions, providing actionable advice to optimize tax efficiency.

With a focus on avoiding common tax pitfalls and capitalizing on opportunities within the tax code, this episode offers invaluable insights for agency owners seeking to navigate the complex landscape of tax planning and compliance, ultimately empowering them to maximize wealth-building opportunities and achieve financial success.

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Points of Interest

  • 0:00-1:20 – Introduction to Craig Cody, a tax strategy expert focused on helping agencies pay less tax.
  • 1:21-2:12 – The unique focus of tax planning for marketing agencies.
  • 2:13-3:04 – The role of business model in tax planning for agencies.
  • 3:05-4:29 – Understanding the tax code and the importance of tax planning.
  • 4:30-5:45 – The importance of proactive tax planning and thinking year-round.
  • 5:46-6:50 – The importance of tax efficiency and its impact on building wealth.
  • 6:51-7:30 – Thoughtful decisions and tax efficiency for agency owners.
  • 7:31-8:31 – The tension between making business tax efficient and the reality of business costs.
  • 8:32-9:45 -The impact of entities and location on tax planning.
  • 9:46-10:53 – Retirement planning as a key tax strategy for agency owners.
  • 10:54-12:18 -The value of documentation and proper planning for tax efficiency.
  • 12:19-14:00 – Strategies for maximizing tax benefits and expenses within the boundaries of the law.

Show Notes

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