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In this latest episode of the Agency Profit Podcast, Marcel Petitpas and Karl Sakas discuss agency management and leadership, with a focus on Karl’s recent book, “Work Less, Earn More.” They delve into the challenges of running an agency, emphasizing the importance of working smarter for increased earnings and effective leadership. The conversation highlights the need for clear organizational frameworks, including defining roles and fostering a positive work environment through positive intent and feedback. The podcast also explores delegation, internal promotion, and the challenges of external hiring as agencies grow. Overall, it underscores the vital role of management tools and training in nurturing leadership skills for sustainable success in the evolving business landscape, especially relevant for agencies adapting to remote work challenges.

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Points of Interest

  • 0:00-0:22 – Intro & background of guests and their expertise 
  • 0:21-1:22 – Four stages of day-to-day involvement in an agency
  • 1:23-1:18 – Six agency roles to consider delegating 
  • 2:20-5:05 – Clarifying swim lanes to define roles and responsibilities
  • 5:08-10:10 – Values, goals, and resources for decision-making
  • 10:11-11:00 – Developing high-functioning leadership within an agency 
  • 11:01-14:13 – Hiring strategies and delegation considerations 
  • 14:14-17:04 – Encouraging trust within the team and ongoing feedback
  • 17:05-18:13 – Importance of assuming positive intent and effective communication
  • 18:14-22:15 – The power and effectiveness of meetings, and leading by example
  • 22:16-23:13 – Resources and training for leadership development
  • 23:13 – 34:33 – Clarifying swim lanes and evolution 
  • 34:33 – 48:41 – Leadership coaching and feedback
  • 48:41 – 49:56 – Conclusion and additional resources

Show Notes

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