About This Episode: 

In this episode, John Garuti from DigitalAcquisitions.co joins us to discuss how agencies can set themselves up to maximize their valuation in a merger or acquisition, getting great terms, understanding what buyers are looking for, why 80% of businesses are not sellable, and much more.

About John:

John Garuti is a partner at digitalacquisitions.co specializing in M&A for digital agencies, ecommerce and other digital businesses.

He found M&A after running his family manufacturing business for 15 years and eventually selling it, becoming fascinated with he M&A process.

Since then digital acquisitions has helped hundreds of digital businesses reach successful exits and spends most of his time helping his clients prepare for exits and maximize their sale price.

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Marcel Petitpas

Marcel Petitpas

CEO & Co-Founder

Based in Moncton, NB Canada Marcel is the CEO & Co-Founder of Parakeeto. He's on a mission to build the worlds best workplace at Parakeeto. He believes work should give us more energy and inspiration to serve our families and communities, not drain us of our will to live. He started Parakeeto so he could help agencies create and predictable and stable environment, so they can produce their best work and live a more balanced life.


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