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Increasing Agency Profits with Customer Lifetime Value, with Robert Patin – Episode 128




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Last updated Nov 15, 2023


Increasing Agency Profits with Customer Lifetime Value, with Robert Patin – Episode 128

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About This Episode

The Agency Profit podcast, hosted by Marcel Petitpas, delves into the intricacies of agency operations, making it a must-listen for agency owners and industry enthusiasts. In this episode, Marcel is joined by Robert Patin, a respected consultant, author, and founder of Creative Agency Success. They discuss the critical concept of Client Lifetime Value (CLV) and its profound impact on an agency’s bottom line.

About the Guest/Guest Links

Robert Patin is the founder of Creative Agency Success, a consulting firm dedicated to helping creative agencies scale. Robert is known for being a deeply inquisitive and analytical leader with a distinct ability to devise solutions that elevate companies and lifestyles.

He is a two-time international best-selling author and is passionate about sharing his next-level strategies so that creative agency leaders will find fulfillment and growth.

Find his books here:

The Agency Blueprint
The Practical Agency

Podcast Episode


Points of Interest

00:01:06 – 00:01:26

Meet Robert Patin

Marcel highlights Robert’s background and accomplishments, emphasizing his expertise and experience in operations, finance, and consulting for creative agencies.

00:03:38 – 00:03:43

Introduction to Client Lifetime Value

Marcel initiates the discussion on Client Lifetime Value (CLV) and its importance, setting the stage for the main topic.

00:04:01 – 00:05:17

Importance of Increasing CLV

Marcel and Robert discuss the significance of increasing CLV, especially in the context of expensive client acquisition, and outline key levers to maximize its impact on agency profitability.

00:06:01 – 00:06:22

The Churn Ceiling

Robert introduces the concept of the “churn ceiling,” highlighting the critical role of client retention in agency growth.

00:08:18 – 00:08:54

Strategic Client Relationships

Marcel and Robert delve into the importance of building strategic relationships with clients, emphasizing the value of being a trusted advisor.

00:10:04 – 00:10:32

Undermining Factors in Client Retention

The discussion uncovers factors that undermine an agency’s ability to retain clients and improve CLV, focusing on delivering value and adapting to client needs.

00:12:45 – 00:13:00

Expanding Revenue without Operational Drag

Marcel and Robert explore strategies to expand client revenue without adding operational complexities, emphasizing understanding client needs and navigating opportunities wisely.

00:14:21 – 00:16:23

Quality vs. Quantity of Revenue

The conversation deepens into the tension between client lifetime revenue and gross profit, highlighting the importance of careful balance and considering long-term impact.

00:17:53 – 00:18:18

Creating Value through Adaptation

Marcel and Robert emphasize the value of adapting agency operations to facilitate problem-solving for clients, creating goodwill and trust.

00:18:55 – 00:19:15

Value vs. Short-Term Gains

The discussion reveals the pitfalls of contrived efforts to inflate CLV without providing genuine value, emphasizing the importance of solving customer problems.

00:22:59 – 00:23:40

Balancing Revenue and Profit

The podcast concludes with insights into balancing revenue and profit, stressing the importance of reconciling price, scope, and cash flow for long-term agency success.

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