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Unlocking Profits with Recurring Services with Pete Everitt — Ep.138




Last updated Apr 3, 2024


Unlocking Profits with Recurring Services with Pete Everitt — Ep.138

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About this Episode

Marcel Petitpas catches up with Pete Everitt, a multi-agency owner, a coach known for helping agency owners grow their businesses through recurring revenue models and the Co-Founder of SEOHive. They reminisce about their last meeting and marvel at how swiftly time flies in the dynamic agency industry. Pete shares his journey from working in agencies since 2004, through launching a white label SEO service at the start of the pandemic, to coaching agency owners on leveraging recurring services for growth.

The conversation dives into the evolution of agency models, the importance of being a trusted advisor to clients rather than just a service provider, and how agencies can avoid the “race to the bottom” by offering value that aligns with client needs. Pete emphasizes the significance of evolving services to meet changing client demands, leveraging existing relationships for growth, and how agencies can use feedback to refine and expand their offerings, thus solidifying their role as strategic partners in their clients’ success.

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Points of Interest

  • 00:01-00:23 – Marcel kicks off the podcast by introducing Pete Everitt, a friend of the show, multi-agency owner, and coach specializing in helping agency owners with client acquisition and retention through recurring revenue.
  • 00:24-02:04 – Pete details his professional journey, from agency work in the UK to launching SEO Hive during the pandemic, and his coaching role for agency owners.
  • 02:04-02:25 – Discussion on the unique insights Pete offers by managing firms and coaching simultaneously.
  • 02:25-03:31 – Pete shares his career trajectory, including his start in agencies post-university and the eventual launch of his own agency in 2016.
  • 03:31-05:50 – The conversation shifts to Pete’s motivation for starting his own agency, spurred by a desire for more autonomy.
  • 05:50-08:56 – The evolution of agency models over the last decade, contrasting traditional firms with modern digital agencies.
  • 08:56-11:22 – The importance of providing value over simply reducing costs, especially in a post-COVID context, is discussed.
  • 11:22-13:57 – Pete emphasizes moving from an order-taker to a trusted advisor by closely understanding and evolving with clients’ needs.
  • 13:57-17:16 – Marcel and Pete discuss how deep client understanding and problem-solving lead to better retention and expansion opportunities.
  • 17:16-34:39 – The final segment covers steps for agencies to become more strategic with clients, underscoring the role of account management and the necessity of adapting services to client needs continuously.

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