If you’re anything like the rest of our clients and users, you’ve made some operational changes over the years. Often that means the naming conventions or structures you’ve used inside of Harvest have changed too, making it difficult to use older projects as a reference point for new ones.

That’s why we’ve released our newest feature: Consolidate!

With consolidate, you can combine tasks/services from older projects into each other – making it easier to compare newer projects to older ones by mapping past naming conventions to the most up-to-date version.

The Problem:

Imagine you’re estimating a new project and you’ve got three historical projects selected as comparisons.

  • On the first historical project, you have a task called Project Management
  • On the second historical project, you have a task called PM, which is what you used to call Project Management
  • On the third historical project, you have a task called Project Manager, which is another version of Project Management that was named differently in the past.

Because they have different names, they’ll be represented as different tasks in Harvest, and when imported into Parakeeto. However, we want them all to be represented as the same task – in this case we want these all to be under Project Management.

All we need to do is select these three tasks, and merge them together:

The end result is a single task with data from the others merged into it:

And of course, splitting those services back out is as easy as merging them together:

As a bonus, we’ve now linked services to Harvest, so you can pull in services directly from your Harvest account, even if they’re not on the historical projects to make sure your estimate is aligned with your current standards.

For more information on how to use the new consolidation feature, head to our support docs.

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