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When, Who, & How to Hire for Success, with Jamie Van Cuyk –Ep.141




Last updated Apr 26, 2024


When, Who, & How to Hire for Success, with Jamie Van Cuyk –Ep.141

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About this Episode

In today’s insightful episode of the Agency Profit Podcast, Marcel speaks with Jamie Van Cuyk, a seasoned expert in hiring and onboarding, to uncover the essentials of building a reliable and proficient team. Jamie, the founder and CEO of Growing Your Team, shares her extensive knowledge on strategically attracting and integrating talent into a business, emphasizing the importance of not just filling a position but ensuring the new hire significantly contributes to the company’s objectives. The conversation delves into common hiring pitfalls that could deter business growth and the profound impact of thoughtful hiring on both profitability and operational efficiency. By focusing on hiring as an investment rather than an expense, Jamie elucidates how properly placed personnel can enable entrepreneurs to transcend day-to-day operations and focus on broader business goals, thus cultivating a sustainable and thriving business environment.

The episode serves as a critical reminder of the strategic role hiring plays in the foundational strength and agility of a company, particularly within the dynamic landscape of agency management.

Hop into the episode below.

Points of Interest

  • 00:01 – 00:40 – Introduction: Marcel Petitpas introduces the episode and guest Jamie van Cuyk, an expert in hiring and onboarding, who shares her extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs effectively grow their teams.
  • 01:20 – 02:43 – Company Overview: Jamie describes her role and the objectives of her company, Growing Your Team, emphasizing its focus on teaching small business owners to hire like professionals.
  • 02:43 – 05:12 – Hiring Challenges: The conversation shifts towards the challenges of hiring, the negative impacts of poor hiring decisions, and the potential positive outcomes of effective hiring practices.
  • 05:12 – 06:47 – Profitability through Hiring: Discussion on how proper hiring can lead to increased profitability and efficiency within a business.
  • 06:47 – 13:56 – When to Hire: Marcel and Jamie discuss the indicators and timing for when businesses should consider hiring new team members.
  • 13:56 – 18:45 – Financial Considerations in Hiring: They delve into the financial aspects of hiring, including budgeting and the economic impact on a business.
  • 18:45 – 26:49 – Role of Management: Focus shifts to the importance of hiring middle management and its role in business growth and employee management.
  • 26:49 – 35:35 – Role Design: Jamie explains the process of designing roles within a company to align with strategic business goals.
  • 35:35 – End – Recruitment Strategies: The final segment covers effective strategies for attracting the right candidates and the importance of a respectful and efficient hiring process.

Show Notes

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