The development team behind the popular business software is joining hands with Parakeeto to provide more value to its more than 50,000 clients.

New York, New York – Harvest Time Tracking proudly unveiled Parakeeto as its latest official integration partner just yesterday. Parakeeto, a smart project budgeting solution, is now among more than 70 other software integrations that Harvest offers.

Parakeeto generates estimates and budgets for client work in seconds by utilizing Harvest users’ historical project and labor data. The commercial computer software formulates plans for new projects based on similar finished assignments by analyzing relationships between client budgets and delivery times. Parakeeto allows authorized team members to seamlessly share these estimates, forecasts, and plans with one another using the platform’s secure web-based dashboard. 

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Parakeeto is both a project budgeting software and an agency profitability consulting company. The company strives to deliver value to clients by making use of data that has long been underutilized by the vast majority of business entities. 

“Most agencies we’ve worked with have a lot of stale time-tracking data that isn’t really being used to make the agency better. Parakeeto is the easiest way to start turning that data into business results quickly. We’re extremely excited to become an official integration partner and have the opportunity to bring value to the Harvest ecosystem ” said Parakeeto founder and CEO Marcel Petitpas

Danny Wen and Shawn Liu, then running a web development agency known as Iridesco, created Harvest in a small downtown New York City office in 2006. Harvest is legally registered as Iridesco, LLC.

Existing Harvest account owners can learn about setting up Parakeeto by reading their support article. Clients with questions about the integration can direct them to Parakeeto’s support team here. New users are encouraged to navigate over to Parakeeto’s website to create a free account.